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The song was written by banjo Paterson, while on vacation in a hotel Dagworth station locally. The music of the song was arranged by Christina Macpherson, Director of sister station, which was at the same time to visit. In the year 2012 hosted Australian on the meaning of the birthday song that held his first appearance recalls Winton constituent Waltzing Matilda Day April 6. The city has a number of fossils of dinosaurs, including Elliot, throws a diplodocoid. Three kinds of dinosaurs, Australovenator, Diamantinasaurus and Wintonotitan, near the town were discovered in 2009. Australovenator Wintonensis, the type specimen of the genre, the name of the city. The city gave its name to the Winton formation. Winton visitor centre is located in the Centre of waltzing Matilda. The city has a number of museums, including Emporio Corfield and former Fitzmaurice list of heritage and Museum, trucks and machinery. Winton has a range of services for the public accessible; It is a public library, showground, Racecourse, golf, petanque, Skate Park and swimming pool. Winton climate is always hot with temperatures of 23 ° C to 38 ° C, while temperatures of the order of "season 9 ° C and 25 ° c. winter temperatures above 30 ° C can be experienced all over the year and temperatures over 40 ° C can be stored in each month from October to March. Precipitation is concentrated in the summer and annual averages of 414. 7 mm (16-3). Many have 46 ranged. 8 ° C (116.2 ° F) 1-7 ° C (9 ° F 28). Winton is located in the artesian basin Grand. Water breaks the surface for C 83 degrees and they are then channeled through cooling ponds until the city is distributed. Sulphur dioxide or water is smelling "eggy". By 2015, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that seismic surveys show the last, only 300 million years ago, an asteroid or a comet released energy equivalent to 650 hit Hiroshima atomic bombs. Diamantina River near Winton describes Richard Blewett, a senior official of Geoscience Australia, in a way, a circular arc current, which free wills for seniors qld arouses curiosity, leading to seismic studies. The strike left geomagnetic anomalies over an area of 130 kilometers (81 miles) in diameter. Arno wall is a strange mix of art and architecture. Rusted lawnmower parts, propellers, boat, typewriters, sewing machines, vintage and even some complete bike includes the cementing of the wall. A photo of the wall by Undy Gordon is the digital collection of the National Library of Australia. a book showing the city in Western Queensland after our Winton of the Postmaster was Robert, Allen, appointed in 1876. A huge explosion, the equivalent of more than 650 million Hiroshima atomic bombs, it was believed that changed the course of Western history of Winton Queensland Interior, etc.